Forum Thread: Do I Really Need a DSLR Camera?

My friends are buying or have a DSLR camera. So, I should get one too. Has this thought come to your mind anytime? or Have you bought a DSLR just because your friends are having one? If you are buying a DSLR camera just for the sake of owning one then I highly recommend to invest that money on something else or put it in Bank. If you are really interested in taking family pictures, pictures of friends and share it with your friends and on social media then you should stand by your decision to buy one.

So, you are looking to buy a camera and you have decided to go with a DSLR camera. Let us see if your decision is correct or not. For what purpose are you buying your camera? Is it just for photographing family and kids and storing it in your hard drive, without even sharing with friends or social media. Then reconsider your decision and look for a good point and shoot camera or a bridge camera with a lower price.

When you invest in a DSLR camera then you need to invest in a camera lens, camera accessories, and camera bags. If you are going to shoot in RAW then you will consider investing in a good hard disk to keep a back-up of your images. Keeping one back up will not be a good idea. So, you need to consider buying a cloud storage for back up or another hard disk for secondary back up. If you are living in a humid area then you will have to invest in a dry box or a dry cabinet to protect your camera and lenses from fungus. So, the investment you make is not on the DSLR alone. There are many other investments you will have to make in addition.

If you are serious about photography or if you consider photography as your hobby and want to learn photography then you can go for a DSLR camera. It would be definitely an asset for you. One thing to keep in mind is that you should not invest too much initially and lose interest later. So, don't invest in a single shot. Invest in lenses and accessories at different stages. Don't buy too many accessories also. You may not be able to use everything, Buy what is absolutely necessary.

If you are bitten by the infamous photography bug, you can buy any DSLR camera with kit lens in the starting series from Canon or Nikon. Later if you lose interest, sell it off. Another option is to take a camera for rent and use it. In this way, you can avoid the burden of camera maintenance. If you are planning to enter into photography business then you should invest in a full-frame DSLR camera and a couple of good lenses which match the type of photography you are doing. Do a good research and read camera and lens review, before buying one.

So, you should ask yourself these questions to come to the correct decision.

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