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My name is Rachel, and I used to run Giveaway Tuesdays. I'm excited to be a participant (instead of admin) in Phone Snap. :)

I have an iPhone 4.

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My name is Bryan. I'm mostly behind the scenes here at WonderHowTo, but I'm looking forward to experimenting with my mobile snappin' skills.


I'm Elaine and I am the admin here at Phone Snap!
I use an Android G2x for all of my cell phone photography needs and also shoot with my Canon t2i and ELAN 7.
I am very thrilled to be getting Phone Snap up and running and cannot wait to start meeting everybody and seeing all of your submissions. :)

Justin here. I've yet to master my smartphone photography skills, but I'm hoping to work on them since I can't carry my DSLR everywhere. Some of the mobile phone pics I've seen out there are absolutely amazing, and I don't get how they do it. Hopefully these challenges will help me improve!

My weapon of choice—iPhone 4, but I do use an Incredible from time to time, too.

Hi, all!  I'm Mark.  Generally, I am rarely separated from my Nikon D3100, but there's something about the feel to a nicely-composed phone shot that cannot be ignored.  Looking forward to seeing everyone's pictures.

At the moment, my phone weapon of choice is a Samsung Galaxy S.

Hello! I My name is Cerek.  I absolutely love photography!  I don't really work with WonderHowTo, but I like to enter how-tos (even photography ones).  I have a Canon Rebel XS and I love it, but I will be using my iPhone 3G.  Its not the best camera, but I do get the weekly access to my friend's 4G.  Almost all of my apps are photography ones!  I'm excited to see how this new world turns out!

plus cerek was a frequent winner of our former photography challenge world... so watch out. ;0)

:) Five times! While I'm at it, I'd just like to point out that it still has Kerec Tunca for my name above Rachel's reply- this happens every time I log in too...

Hi there! I'm Rus. I'm a new participant. Elaine was the person who invited me. Nice to meet you all here.) I have an iPhone 4. Also sometimes I shoot with a Nikon D90 DSLR.

Thanks for joining in on the fun, Rus!
It's nice to meet you.
Can't wait to start seeing your submissions. :)

Hello. Mau. 26. San Francisco. 

I've had over 20 mobile phones in my lifetime. I saw mobile phones evolve from simple analog LCD back-lit devices to the AMOLED-touch-screen-1GHz-dual-core-12MP-camera little mini computers in your pocket that they are today. My main squeeze right is a Nokia N8 which I have had for over a year from when it first came out. I also have a number of manual film cameras including a 35mm Holga with a complete lens kit and a Pentax K1000 - planning to go digital pretty soon once the budget calls for it.

Looking forward to sharing some nice photos with everyone on here.


Looks like you've got a lot of mobile phone experience under your belt!
I also have a 35mm Holga which has been fun to experiment with. Shooting film will always be a unique experience, unlike anything digital can do, but all these phone apps are definitely stepping up their game in emulating the effects of film.
Can't wait to see your photos!

Hi, I'm Alex and i take my phone pics with my HTC Sensation. Most time I do postprocessing with photoshop!

Hello everyone! My name is Eline. I Would like to say a big thank you to Elaine for inviting me. It is an honor to be part of this. I love photography and I look forward to the upcoming challenges! I am currently snapping with my Iphone 4 and crazy about all the photo apps out there... I have been downloading all of them and having so much fun editing the pictures... It is so addicting.  Can't wait to share and learn with you guys! Cheers from Florida <3

Hey Eline! Big thanks in return for checking out Phone Snap.
Glad to hear that you are experimenting with different apps. I'm really looking forward to seeing the results you have to share with us!

hi there, my name is chris. i take mobile phone photos mainly with my iphone 4s (and since some days with my new nokia lumia too). i only process photos on the device, not on a mac (or pc :) ). apps i mainly use > cameramatic, hipstamatic, pictureshow, 6x6, sqaura, photogene, photoforge2 and big lens. since a year or so i started to play around with some external lenses: macro, telephoto, fish-eye - lot's of fun. i hope to find some people here that share this passion. happy snapping from berlin.

yay lets have YET another reason to constantly be on our phones. you should never have let go of giveaway tuesdays, rachel. i can only hope i'm not the only one who will voice some resistance to this UNWANTED change. phones for phones. real cameras for photos. so unfortunate. i wish i had discovered this site when there was still something of interest :/

I'm sorry you're disappointed. Worlds is an open platform, so if you're interested in starting a non-cell phone photography World, check out this video-

Hello everyone! Here is krapoz, from Italy. I'm an iPhone-photography-addicted (ok, let's say I'm an iPhoneographer, eheh..) and I love to experiment with my huge collection of apps. Thank you Elaine for inviting me here! :)

Hi I am Vivi - Elaine invited me here so just joined today!  I am a total iphoneography addict, my poor Nikon D300 is confined to the wardrobe!  Favourite apps are Hipstamatic, Camera+, Snapseed, Filterstorm, AutoPainter, Iris, ClassicPan - also post to Instagram!  Am in the UK but originally from Peru!  Where do I find the challenges?

Hey everyone im Darren :) I use an iPod Touch 4G for photography and use a wide range of apps. Camera+, FX Photo Studio, ProHDR, Dynamic Lighting and Big Lens are just a few! Rather disappointed at the quality of pictures taken from the ipod touch but i try to get by :) Total ipodography addict.

Hi, I´m Issa from Sweden. I´m looking foreward to all the cool projects at Phonesnap. I use an iPhone 4S and I love to experiment with different effects.

You can also find me on Flickr:

Hi all! I'm Jamie from just outside Providence, RI, USA. 

Although my iPhoneography obsession has cooled off a bit since the birth of my son, I'm working at getting back into it. I've been shooting with my iPhone 4 for nearly three years and of the abundance of apps I've purchased and used over time, I'd have to say my favorites are: Cross Process, Picture Show and Dynamic Light. 

Please feel free to check out my gallery on Flickr at: and follow me on Twitter @iphoneartxjamie. 

Happy Shooting!


Hello all. I'm Henry Roxas from Toronto, Canada. Thank you, Elaine for the invitation. 

I'm very new to iPhoneography since all my previous phone cameras sucked so I never used them. I primarily shoot with a Canon 5D Mark II and an array of film cameras. I especially like toy film cameras like Holga, Vivitar Ultra Wide (and ultra cheap), Lomo, etc.

My current camera phone is the iPhone 4 which I got after the iPhone 4S came out. I was planning on getting the 4S but I heard some news about the iPhone 5 coming out next year so I settled for the cheaper, earlier version.

Looking forward to seeing everyone's phone shots! Feel free to check out my Flickriver.

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