Forum Thread: How to Permanently Clear Google Search History on Android Phones?

How to Permanently Clear Google Search History on Android Phones?

To some extent, Google knows you better than even our closest friends. Every time you search on Google, the search giants will keep your history in their storage space unless you delete them on purpose. But it's kind of a merit of Google that you're allowed to delete our history at any time you want. If you so decide to clear them, just read on this post and check out how to get it done.

Should you delete your Google search history?

Google has users' whole browsing, location, app, YouTube and device information, among other things. If you expose yourselves too much on the internet, you will be risk of leaking your private information to the open world. For the privacy concern, you're supposed to delete all of them, but on the other side, search history deletion will ruin your online experience. Actually, Google leverages the data to make more convenience to users, or to do something that you won't like. So it's up to you whether to sacrifice convenience for privacy.

How to delete your Google search history?

Log into your Google account, and go to Google's history page, you'll find out all your information there, including Web & App History, Voice & Audio Activity, Device Information, Location History, YouTube Watch History, YouTube Search History. When you start to clear them, you must delete one by one.

If you are sure of deleting all your Google search information, follow the below steps to erase the data.
1.Go to Google history page from any browser.
2.Click on the data section you want disabled.
3.Select the 3-dot menu button on the top-right corner of the page.
4.Select "Delete options".

5.You can choose whether you want to delete data from today or yesterday. Selecting "Advanced" will allow you to delete the past 4 weeks of activity. But if you really want every single trace of information to disappear you can select "All time".

6.Make your selection and click on "Delete".
7.Repeat the process for each of the history section to delete.

There you go. Lastly, just refresh the page and your information will be gone.

Can Android data recovery freeware available on the market recover the deleted history? To be honest, almost no one is able to restore them for now, they are pretty much out of the list of recovery.

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