Double Exposure Challenge: Dreaming Little Bird

Dreaming Little Bird

Double Exposure Challenge: Dreaming Little Bird

Used MagicHourMe for the original photos and double exposed using Little Photo (thanks for the tip, Elaine! Awesome app. :) ). Shot and edited with a Samsung Galaxy S II.

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beautiful results. what's the second image?

Thanks~ It's the silhouette of some kind of tower (and some buildings) with the sun on the right side.

Love it! Ethereal beauty!!

Awesome cosplay captures! Really dig what you did with the color used and framing!
Your profile picture caught my attention. I am a huge fan of the Naruto series. Great Asuma cosplay! Konoha forever! ;)

Thank you! ^_^

I'm not very good in capturing photos so I just experiment whenever my friends cosplay. :) Naruto is my favorite anime and that profile pic is my tribute to one of the coolest Naruto characters.

More Asuma pics here:

Congrats with this beautiful image.

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