News: Welcome to Phone Snap!

Welcome to Phone Snap!

Hello, my fellow cell phonographers! In today's day and age, cell phone photography is growing rapidly with the advancement of smartphones and the constant stream of new multi-featured camera phone and photo editing apps.

Welcome to Phone Snap!

Although nothing beats shooting photographs with my always trusty SLR camera, my cell phone has quickly become a fantastic tool for capturing fun and interesting moments throughout my day, without the constant need to lug around a two-pound camera over my shoulder. Which is why I'm very excited to introduce Phone Snap! I look forward to seeing all of the inspiring photos you will be capturing on your cell phones to share with us here at WonderHowTo.

Not only will there be a new challenge with a prize each week, but we will also be posting reviews of the latest apps, original DIY projects, as well as gathering a selection of some of the web's most inspiring cell phone photography to get your creative juices flowing.

Get connected now with Phone Snap on Twitter, Facebook and Google+! Since we're just getting started, there's not much content posted yet, but there's tons of exciting things to come. Stay tuned!

Feel free to comment below or start a thread in the forum with any ideas or suggestions of what you would like to see featured here on Phone Snap.

Now get to snapping, y'all!


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