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News: Get Inspired! 20 New Year's Eve Photos Taken with Cell Phones

For some, the end of the year is an opportunity to turn over a new leaf and create a new beginning. For this week's Phone Snap Challenge, take plenty of photos on your cell phone this New Year's because we want to see how you're going to ring in 2012. Or show us what the start of the new year means for you. Post your image to the corkboard by Monday, January 2nd at 11:59 pm PST for a chance to win a Fotodiox Thermo Lens Mug.

SUBMIT: New Year's Cell Phone Photo by January 2nd. WIN: Camera Lens Mug

Now that the holiday weekend is over, there's only one more celebration this year, and that's saying goodbye to 2011 and welcoming 2012 with open arms! For this week's Phone Snap challenge, we'd like to ring in the new year with you and see your best cell phone photo from your celebration. Take a picture right as the clock strikes twelve or show us something that represents what the end of the year and the beginning of another means to you.

How To: Make Your Own DIY Photobooth Props

The holidays are a wonderful time for people to get together and celebrate another year gone by. With all of these parties and gatherings being thrown, a "photobooth" is always a fun addition to the holiday festivities. Why not make some props to bring some extra life to your photos? In this week's Phone Snap Holiday Challenge, we are giving one lucky winner a chance to win a set of Photobooth Props from Etsy store, LittleRetreats just in time for the New Year. But if you've got some extra ti...

News: Get Inspired! 30 Festive Holiday-Themed Photos Taken with Cell Phones

It's the most wonderful time of the year. Christmas lights are up, stores are crowded, tacky knit sweaters are making an appearance, and there's the constant smell of something delicious baking in the oven. In this week's Phone Snap Challenge, spread some holiday cheer by showing us your holiday-themed cell phone photos. Post your image to the corkboard by Monday, December 26th at 11:59 pm PST for a chance to win a set of fun Photobooth Props from Etsy store LittleRetreats just in time for th...

News: Transform Yourself Into Santa This Christmas with Santa Booth

Christmas is fast approaching and that means it's time for the big guy to come down our chimneys and eat up all of our cookies. Whether or not you believe in good ol' St. Nicholas, here's your chance to look like him! Santa Booth is an app available in the App Store as well as the Android Market. Though both apps hold the same name, they are made by two different developers.

SUBMIT: Your Craziest Funny Face Photo by January 30th. WIN: Massive Gummy Bear

This week's challenge will be the final Phone Snap Challenge, so let's make this count, everyone! To close off Phone Snap, we'd like to get a little silly. So start practicing all of your funny faces in the mirror and get those photo editing apps ready! Photograph somebody's funny face with your cell phone—whether it be your own, a family member's, a friend's, or your pet's, and post your very best shot to the Phone Snap community corkboard.

How To: Make a DIY Photo Calendar for 2012

2012 has arrived! Time to get rid of that generic 2011 calendar that was gifted to you two Christmases ago and replace it with a new and updated calendar, personalized with your own photos. Thanks to the wonderful girls at Shutter Sisters, creating your own 2012 photo calendar is quick and simple to make with these DIY templates.

SUBMIT: A Photo with a Nostalgic Theme by December 19th. WIN: JOYSTICK-IT Arcade Stick

It is always a bittersweet moment to find yourself looking back on the fond memories that seem to have taken place in the distant past. When your favorite song from 10 years ago comes onto the radio, or when a sudden scent reminds you of the summers you spent as a child—these types of moments tend to trigger the fondest of memories. For this week's challenge, we'd like to see a photo that captures a nostalgic feeling, whether it be your favorite childhood food, meaningful memorabilia you've s...

How To: Create DIY Filters for Your Cell Phone

In photography, using filters over lenses is a common practice and provides a great way to set the mood or to create an artistic image. The only problem is that they can be quite costly and there currently aren't many available for cell phones specifially. Fortunately, there is a simple solution to this, and all you need are everyday objects that can be found around the house. If you're a purist and don't want to rely on filters provided by camera apps, this is a great way to experiment with ...

SUBMIT: Cell Phone Photo of a Silhouette by January 9th. WIN: SuperHeadz Wide and Slim 35mm Camera

In this week's Phone Snap Challenge, we would like you to experiment with lighting and mood setting to create a silhouette. A silhouetted photograph contains a subject that is defined with an outline, appearing dark against a bright background. The subject generally appears dark, without any detail, while the background is bright and more exposed. Silhouettes in photographs appear to be simple, yet they can convey a sense of drama and emotion. Before you get started, check out this guide on h...

News: And the Winner of the Phone Snap Funny Face Challenge Is...

Congratulations to Kyle B Richardson, the winner of our very last Phone Snap Challenge! Thanks to all who submitted their silly funny face photos for this week's challenge, as well as all previous Phone Snap challenges. Unfortunately all good things must come to an end, and it is time for Phone Snap to come to a close, but please feel free to continue to utilize the Phone Snap community corkboard to continue to share your best cell phone photos.

Jowlers: How to Photograph Yourself Mid-Seizure

It's time to get silly with your cell phone photos! This How-To will have you violently shaking your head back and forth. Why? To capture a shot mid-seizure, producing a "Jowler", a still image of the face one makes while vigorously shaking one's head. Click through for more information.

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